Convessa is a deep-tech company focused on voice, AI, data convergence and connectivity.

Convessa’s product Mastermind enables the creation of intelligent voice-enabled cloud apps that work across all voice devices (such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby) in home, car or mobile settings.

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Voice, AI & IoT

Convessa is a deep-tech company focused on the intersection of voice, artificial intelligence and IoT connected devices. 

Using Convessa’s Voice AI platform, businesses can voice-enable their legacy data, services and applications to both recognize and response to complex commands across voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Convessa’s technology powers the the #1 productivity application on Alexa called Mastermind. Mastermind connects a user’s smartphone, smart TV and PC to their voice-enabled Alexa using Convessa’s voice, AI and IoT capabilities. Convessa currently processes 1.1 million interactions in production every day via Mastermind’s over 100,000 users.

Connected Voicebots, Chatbots and Appbots

The Convessa platform is built to enable user experiences through both voice interfaces (voicebots), Messaging (chatbots) and embedded apps (appbots). The Convessa cloud platform stitches together rich conversational experiences that span devices and user modalities (home via voice, work via chat and car via voice and smartphone for example).

Contextually Aware

Convessa’s intelligent agents collaborate to bring contextual awareness to conversational interfaces.

Ubiquitous: Available Everywhere

Convessa has developed collaborative agents that can be embedded on phones, tablets, TVs, computers and other connected devices. The agents enable enable the Convessa platform to gather real-time contextual data that can serve to inform a conversational context.

Mastermind is powered by Convessa

The #1 productivity skill on Amazon Alexa is powered by the Convessa Voice AI Platform. Convessa processes 1.1 million events daily from Mastermind's over 100,000 users.

Mastermind lets you access your phone's notifications, get and send text messages, make phone calls, get caller ID, launch apps, and more. Completely hands-free via voice on Amazon Echo.